Introducing the NEW Covered Wagon Tours rewards program:

  • Earn one Travel Dollar for each day tour reserved
  • Travel Dollars earned on Multi Day tours are based on the value of the tour
  • No Travel Dollars are earned for complimentary, reduced or Casino tours
  • When Travel Dollars, Gift Certificates or any other promotional coupons are used to pay for all of a Day or Multi-day Trip, no new Travel Dollars are issued for that tour
  • Travel Dollars are available to spend after the trip takes place. The receipt will show “Dollars Available” and “Dollars Pending”
  • The individual customer, not the person who reserves the tour, will receive the appropriate number of dollars associated with a trip
  • Upon canceling a trip, the appropriate number of dollars will automatically be deducted from the Dollars Pending
  • A Customer must reach $5 (one time) before redeeming travel dollars. After that point, you will be able to use any amount of travel dollars toward your travel experience. The dollars do not expire if the customer remains active. Removal from the mailing list and loss of Dollars occurs if no activity takes place for 2 years

Travel Dollars are issued and stored electronically, so all you need to do is enjoy our tours and start collecting!

Keep an eye out for tours where you earn double dollars!


Travel dollars cannot be used or earned on casino or group tours. Covered Wagon Tours has the right to restrict or change Travel Dollar earnings on any tour. Travel dollars pending cannot be used as payment PRIOR to trip operating.  Travel dollars cannot be “earned” and used for the same tour. Travel Dollars on multi-day tours are based off of the double rate.  (Casinos with a show WILL earn Travel Dollars)

Travel dollars cannot be combined with additional discounts. Promotional Gift Certificates cannot be combined with using travel dollars. Purchased gift certificates are used as cash, and therefore, you can earn and use travel dollars.