Custom Services

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Group Tours

Covered Wagon Tours can provide a safe and fun way for your group to travel in comfort. Have you ever used the expression, “We should get a group together!” Well now you can. When you work with our Tour Department we assist you in capturing your group request, providing you with a quote, formulating a contract and reserving your motorcoach for your special trip. We offer a professional service to help plan that one-day or multi-day trip that will have you saying “why didn’t we do this before!”

Individual Group Tours

Your time is valuable. At Covered Wagon Tours our job is to make sure that your time is maximized by providing you with the assistance you need to plan your next trip. We encourage you to use our website to preview our upcoming tours.

Our individual One-Day and Multi-Day Tours are created to provide you with a relaxing, fun and memorable trip. With over 30 years experience in the Travel and Tourism business our team has the knowledge and experience to prepare tours that maximize your travel time. We select restaurants, hotels, shows, sporting events and stops leveraging our relationships with vendors, hotels, restaurants and local guides.

Have a group and can’t find what you are looking for on the website? Not a problem, we have experienced Covered Wagon Tour representatives that will assist you in creating a group tour to help you prepare an itinerary to meet your needs.

Student & Church Groups

Do you have a student or church group that would like to make travel arrangements? We want to help take the guess work out of planning your trip. Call us to schedule a consult so that we may provide you with samples itineraries, estimates, and tour details to help make your travel plans a reality. We understand budgets are tight right now. Call Covered Wagon Tours to help you pull together a trip that will fit your budget while providing a fun and memorable time.

Customized Group Tours

Whether your group is large or small, we can accommodate your needs. Our experienced team of group travel representatives can work with you to plan your tour details: from picking a date to sending out confirmation letters and itineraries.

Escorted Tours

We offer escorted tours to assist travelers on their journey. Depending on the tour, an escort may be assigned to accompany a group on a motorcoach, cruise or flight. The role of the escort is to make sure that the arrangements established by you and your Covered Wagon Travel Representative are carried out, and that our passengers have a contact to call upon when necessary.

Custom Tour Planning Guide

Covered Wagon Tours wants to help make your personal travels as easy and rewarding as possible. To that end, we have put together some “thinking points” to help you refine your travel intentions and provide information about how to best prepare for the perfect trip.

  • Know where you want to go.

  • Know when you want to leave and return.

  • Know your departure and destination points and any stops in-between.

  • Know approximately how many passengers will be traveling.

  • Know Your Budget